Meeting in Geneva

GRASS team and ethnic minority’ representatives from the regions of Georgia attended the forum on ethnic minority issues, organized by UN in Geneva, Switzerland. GRASS made a report on ethnic minorities rights in Georgia. Participation was funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia.

Statement of the Platform “No to Phobia” on the Issue of Appointing a Referendum on a Human Rights Issue

The signatory non-governmental organizations express a strong discontent with the request of appointing a referendum on a human rights issue provided by the Constitution of Georgia that has already been sent by the Central Elections Committee to the President of Georgia.The Constitution of Georgia (7th article), as a public agreement, sets a constitutional principle for... Read More

Seminar on “Europeanization Processes in the Black Sea Region”

On December 18-19, the seminar “Europeanization Processes in the Black Sea Region” was held at Romanian – American Foundation in Bucharest, Romania. The seminar was organized by Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS) with the financial support of The Black Sea Trust, A Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States within the initiative for... Read More

Roma Youth Conference

On 18-22 October 2015 the Council of Europe is organising the second Roma Youth Conference at the European Youth Centre Budapest, to discuss current Roma youth issues and future policy orientations for the participation and inclusion of Roma youth. The Conference looks towards the future, after reflecting and evaluating on the outcomes and the successes... Read More

Human Rights Status in Georgia at UPR Pre-Session

Existing Challenges and Recommendations We Find Necessary to Overcome Those Challenges. Political prosecutions, selective justice, abuse of pretrial detention in cases of political opponents, manipulation of judges, political violence and attacks on media.Overall there is a significant progress on ethnic minority policy since 2004, with improved legislation, more developod infrustructure and specific policies. Though there... Read More