Statement of the “No to Phobia!” civil platform regarding the initiative on criminal liability for insult of ”religious feelings”

The initiative submitted to the Parliament of Georgia by MP Emzar Kvitsiani, which provides for criminal liability for “insults to religious feelings”, causes extreme concern. Such initiative contradicts both constitutional and international standards of freedom of expression and is an attempt to suppress critical opinion in the society.It is especially alarming that the aforementioned idea... Read More

GRASS joins the call by Western security experts to join the UK and expel undeclared contingents of Russian intelligence officers

Russia’s recent track record includes the invasion of neighboring countries, repeated violations of international borders, kidnapping of foreign citizens, highly belligerent disinformation campaigns, extensive cyber-attacks, and the annexation of foreign territory by force.Given the trajectory of Russian hostile activity and this repugnant offense against a NATO member state, western security experts call upon NATO and EU... Read More

From the Eastern Partnership to the European Union Membership

Joint Statement of the Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS), Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), and Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)Tbilisi, 30 November, 2017On 24 November 2017 the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit was held in Brussels. Summit participants took stock of progress made since the Riga Summit in 2015 and adopted the Joint Declaration. In the Declaration... Read More

Open Letter to Vice-President of the USA

Dear Vice President Pence, We, the undersigned, the representatives of Georgian civil society organizations would like to address you ahead of your visit to Georgia, to point out outstanding issues we see most important for the democratic development and statecraft in Georgia as well as for the security and stability in the region. Let us... Read More