Study Visit-Sharing the Experience of the Visegrad Countries

26 November 2014

On 30 November-6 December 2014 Georgia’s Reforms Associates is organizing  the study visit in Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia in the framework of the project  “Improving the Coordination of European Policies in Georgia Based on the Practices of V4 Counties” which is being implemented with the financial assistance of the Visegrad Fund. The project aims at supporting Georgia’s integration process with the EU through

strengthening its institutional and coordination capacity in the implementation of the Association Agreement. The project will examine the state of Georgia’s institutional architecture for ensuring the coordination of European policies and valuable policy recommendations will be elaborated based on the best and worst practices of Visegrad countries. The experience of the V4 countries in the process Europeanization will be shared during the study visit which will comprisetrainings and discussions regarding European Policies and Integration, as well as meetings in the relevant organizations and institutions. The training will be attended by the representatives of the Georgian governmental bodies responsible for European Policies along with the partner organizations and the project experts. Namely, the representatives of: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia; Office of the State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration; The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable development of Georgia; The Parliament of Georgia; EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (Czech Republic); Institute for Strategic Studies (Poland); Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Slovakia); Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Hungary); Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS)