Lugar Laboratory in Georgia – Russia’s Traditional Rigmarole

24 January, 2019

There is a whole array of tools of Russia’s malign behavior represented in Georgia, starting from cyber-plots to the whole army of disinformation agencies that are wrapped up in nationalist façade but ultimately are promoting Russian worldview and politic

FactCheck Newspaper

Mariam Tsitsikashvili

Winter session is often characterized with the increased rate of flus. Georgia is not an exception to it. However, this year sessional flu got significantly severe, until today approximately 200 cases of so-called “swine flu” have been reported in Georgia, with 15 fatal results. Unfortunate situation was quickly manipulated by the well-known sources of anti-Western disinformation. Several news agencies as well as many proponents of radical ultra-nationalist groups, often identified with spreading fake stories, have tried to link the outbreak of sessional virus with the Lugar Laboratory in Georgia. After the rise in flu related death, former leader of “Georgian march”, Lado Sadghobelashvili called on suspending the laboratory unless its work becomes transparent and open for the public. Online news agency news.net.ge published an article where the fact that swine flu is being searched at the Lugar Laboratory is linked to a conspiracy as if the laboratory’s research activity should to be blamed for spreading the H1N1 virus in the country.