Yes - to Europe, no - to Russian law!

10 April, 2024

We, the Georgian media and non-governmental organizations, vehemently oppose the Russian law reintroduced by the authorities. "Georgian Dream" breaking its own word and deceiving people is directed not only against Georgian media and Georgian non-governmental organizations, but also against every citizen and the European future of Georgia.

Georgian non-governmental organizations help people. Passing this Russian law will leave children and women victims of violence vulnerable; persons with disabilities, scientists, workers and young people; It will stop helping vulnerable families, farmers, displaced, homeless persons, and brave people fighting for their rights. The government wants to not cover the voice of people living in the regions, who inform the public about their plight through local, independent media.

These and the hostile laws introduced this week aim to divide the population, damage the country's European future and abolish freedom of speech. This is the government's response to the hundreds of facts of violence, corruption, illegality, and discrimination that Georgian non-governmental organizations and independent media expose and publicize.

The European Union, the United Nations, NATO, the OSCE, the USA and other international partners have declared the authoritarian character of the Russian law and its incompatibility with democracy, and after the recall of the law last year, they openly congratulated the Georgian people on their great victory.

This law is a Russian authoritarian tool to suppress freedom of speech. Its adoption will make it impossible to open negotiations with the EU at the end of the year. Instead of fulfilling the 9 steps defined by the European Union, the government, with this law, separates us from the European Union and immeasurably harms the democratic and secure future of Georgia.

Accepting the Russian law would be an attack on the main Georgian values - sense of dignity, independence and civil solidarity. This law, in accordance with the will of the Georgian people, should be withdrawn from the parliament. Russian law is not Georgia's choice!