Armenian Civil Society Supporting Georgian Civil Society

12 April, 2024

Letter of Support to Georgian Civil Society,

Dear Georgian friends, colleagues, partners,

With this letter we, Armenian civil society organizations and individuals, express our strong solidarity with you. We support you in your courage to stand against consistent and constant efforts by Georgia’s government to limit civic freedoms and fundamental human rights, including in the form of limiting the political participation of women, also by re-introducing the draft law on Transparency of Foreign Influence.

In the minds of people who remember the history of the 20th century, the concept of foreign influence is strongly associated with advancing conspiracy theories used for violations of human rights and prosecution of the innocent, from which both our nations suffered significantly. We trust that at the times, when democracy is being attacked from so many angles, it is even more important to unite pro-democratic forces and build firewalls against attempts of weakening it in our region and beyond.

We follow the developments with sorrow but also with admiration to the resilience you demonstrate, your spirit and unbrokenness. We know that freedom is deeply and inherently rooted in our societies, and even in the darkest hours of history the fight for it was never compromised.

We stay committed to continue supporting you with other initiatives in ways you find helpful.


Women Resource Center;

The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women;

Public Journalism Club;

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor;

Peace Dialogue;

Center for Community Mobilization and Support;

For Equal Rights Educational Center;

Article 3 Human Rights Club;

Spitak Helsinki Group;

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Armenian Committee;

Journalists' Club "Asparez";

Protection of Rights Without Borders;

Women’s Rights House Gyumri;

Armenian Progressive Youth;

‘NGO Center’ Civil Society Development NGO;

Democracy Development Foundation;

Disability Rights Agenda NGO;

Transparency International Anticorruption Center;

Media Initiatives Center;

Direct Democracy;

Women’s Agenda;

Law Development and Protection Foundation;

Helsinki Association for Human Rights;

Isabella Sargsyan;

Nvard Manasyan.