About Project

This project contributes to the publicizing EU facts and related issues among targeted audience including key stakeholders such as civil servants, journalists, civil society organisation representatives, youth party members, teachers in Tbilisi as well as in the regions of Georgia. Through different activities project aims to enhance active citizenship of the target groups. Workshops offered by GRASS will increase the level of knowledge among those, who have already graduated from the higher education institutions and have to deal with the EU relevant issues in their daily professional work.

The project also popularizes EU and EU related topics throughout Georgia. The project aims at widely distributing the knowledge about the European Union among those interest groups, who could have the largest multiplier effect (journalists, civil society organizations’ representatives, youth party members, civil servants as well as teachers in the regions). At the same time, publication produced by GRASS as a result of the project “Busting Myths regarding EU in the EaP Countries” will be used to disseminate EU related knowledge and bust most widespread EU related myths in Tbilisi as well as various regions of Georgia. The publication is specifically designed so that the most blatant misconceptions about the EU are challenged and the idea of Europe and European values is popularized.

Overall objective of the project is to raise awareness and popularize European Union subjects and facts as well as potential benefits of the Association Agreement for the signatory country among various target groups in Tbilisi as well as in the regions of Georgia.

Specific objectives:

To provide target groups with knowledge about EU institutions, its policies, EU-Georgia relations and involve workshop participants in academic discussion related to the European affairs so that the information about the European Union permeates different layers of society including journalists, young members of the political parties, civil society representatives and civil servants;

To overcome prejudices related to the perceptions of the EU in the regions of Georgia and bust most widespread EU related myths through educated, well research and argumentative responses;

To provide in-depth analysis of the current pressing political issues in the EU through designed workshops and regional outreach seminars

To provide insights about EU-Georgia relations including past experiences, future cooperation perspectives and challenges at policy level on the way towards convergence with European standards.